May 292016

Michael Franti’s new music video moved me so much, I wanna blog about it!

First off, I love Franti.  I’ve been a fan for several years now.  His music always moves me.  He writes with a lot of love and compassion.  He seeks to heal the world through his music and positive message.  Some of his songs are just fun songs to groove to, but many of his songs have deeply powerful political messages to them.

What I love about this new song of his is how he’s bringing to light all the corruption, hate, and dissonance within our world that so many of us want to ignore.  We’ll fight to the death over who can use what bathroom, but when governmental and corporate corruption are brought up, everyone turns their heads.  We’ll protest abortion and talk about how it’s murder and that those lives are valuable, but then we approve of the murdering that goes on with every drone bomb drop or we ignore the starving children on the street and the poverty of our country.  Pro-life isn’t really pro-life if you don’t care what happens to that life after it’s born.  Meanwhile, we’re polluting our planet to a point where it’ll eventually be inhabitable, we’re spending more money incarcerating people than educating them, billion dollar corporations are getting more government welfare than those humans living in poverty, and we’ll find every single aspect of the “culture war” to fight over.

What’s happened to our priorities??  Why don’t we care about the things that are really important?  Why aren’t we fighting tooth and nail to end the corruption that’s taken over our country?  Are we too discouraged?  Does it seem too big a task to tackle?  Are we just so apathetic that if it’s not directly affecting our little bubble of a life, then we don’t care?  What’s it going to take to turn things around?

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions.  They are the ones that ponder in my mind all day long.

I desire a revolution.  I pray for peace and unity.  And when I hear songs like this, I bawl my eyes out, feeling so much love, compassion, and sadness for the whole of humanity.

Things are just going to keep getting worse, people.  There will be more wars.  There will be more corruption.  There will be more violence.  Until the day we are all able to unite and express love for one another, the return of the Christ love to this earth, until that happens, shit will keep erupting.

It’s time to let it all go.  It’s time to look at the bigger picture, and figure out what really matters.  Republican, democrat, gay, straight, Christian, atheist, American, Muslim, and every other beautiful and unique worldview – it’s time to set aside our differences, unite in love, and change this world that we live in.

Let’s make it a good day to be alive for everyone. Let’s radiate so much peace and love that nothing else is able to exist.  We can do it.  We ARE doing it.  Let’s keep it up and spread the love.


Love and light to you and yours on this beautiful Sunday!  Spend some time with your soul today. :)

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