Jun 302016

I have to admit – I’ve been dealing with some control issues lately. I feel like there is a lot going on in my life right now that I have no control over. Things that I would like to change but can’t due to extenuating life circumstances. I’m working on remembering that I am always exactly where I am meant to be and that Divine order is always at work in my life.

I am completely overwhelmed with life and feels today. Completely. I’m done.

…I’m not really done, but you know…

It just all gets really hard sometimes. There’s so much in my life that I feel I have no control over right now. We’re so far away from those we love. We constantly feel unsettled in our home and jobs. Constant financial stress trying to live in this beautiful city. Having a toddler and two preteens. Co-parenting. Soul work. It’s a lot.

I’m worried about loved ones. My siblings are all going through some intense times right now. I have some tension in personal relationships because I let my mouth get the best of me again and pissed someone off. And then what weighs the most heavily is that even though it’s beautiful and spiritual, I kinda don’t want to live in Asheville anymore. I’d do anything to move back to Indiana so I can be closer to my family and friends. We have a lot of connections there and feel our personal businesses and lives could really thrive. And those of you fellow Ashevillians – you know that Asheville is Asheville. It’s not the easiest place to live and work. I mean, we’re still kicking ass and doing great, of course. Asheville hasn’t kicked us out yet. But, still. We feel discontent on a more personal level. And it’s not like we can just pick up and move and do whatever we want. When you co-parent, you have a lot more to consider when thinking about such plans.

I’m working on remembering that I’m in this city and life because my soul chose it. I believe we choose our life paths before we even enter this world, so I knew what I was getting into. And though there may be a lot I feel I’ve missed out on by being so far away from so many that I love, there’s still so much that I have gained by living here that wouldn’t have been possible elsewhere.  I know that I’m always where I’m meant to be and that despite what I may not like about my life, I’m still so incredibly blessed.

In order to be grateful and present, and we have to be at peace with our current situations. House, home, finances, work, school, soul, etc. If you truly trust that all is well and that your Divine path is unfolding, then there would never be a need for worry. It wouldn’t exist. We literally should not feel worried because doing so conflicts with our Divine truth that we are always protected and following the path God’s set before us. Worry, regret, bitterness…they are all set in fear and essentially deny the Divine truth that all is well.

Release the fear and the need for control that goes along with it, and float through life, almost effortlessly, knowing that you are always Divinely protected and that all is as it should be. Bless all situations in your life, as unfavorable as they may be, and trust that all good is coming your way.

And go easy on yourself on the down days. We’re still human. We can speak these words and say our prayers, but we still engage with the human psyche that deals with all the feels. So allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling, and then release that control and begin to float.

I don’t remember exactly where I heard it, but I recall this saying for times like these:

“Let go. And be held.”

Stop grasping and holding on for dear life, and release and rest in the arms of the Divine.

Stop feeling like you have to control and dictate every move in life. Let it go, and allow yourself to be held in the hands of God.

Mantras to Release the need for control and float through your Divine path

I release the need to control that which is out of my control.

I release the fear-based thoughts about the situation that lead to my need for control.

I trust that I am on the Divine path Spirit has set before me and that all is unfolding for my good.

I thank Spirit for these truths, and I rest with a peaceful mind.


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