Jul 102017

Good Person 101 – How to Live, How to Love, How to be Happy
An Introduction on the Basics of Being a Decent Human Being

We’re in a time in our society and the evolution of the human race where everybody wants their say.  Everyone has an opinion and a view of how people should live their lives.  Most of this is determined by religious doctrine or societal “norms” of what’s right and what’s wrong.  However, dictating what’s “right” and “wrong” does nothing but cause division among people of differing backgrounds.

And this is what our society has turned into – one of division and ego.  A society where people are more concerned about being right than doing what’s right.  Within the chaos of flying egos and fear, we’ve simply forgotten how to be good people.  Society has taught us to fear and compete with each other instead of to unite as one.  Society has taught us to battle, to judge, to pick sides, to choose a favorite, and to live life following a set of standards and rules laid before us.

It’s time to look around and see where this sort of societal mindset has gotten us.  Corporations have been racing to the top of Greed Mountain, pushing the least of us off the cliffs in their wake.  We’ve let our egos get so out of hand that we base our primary judgments of people on who their favorite football team or car manufacturer is.  Not to mention how we judge someone based on their faith…

Religion has been a major cause of this division.  Faith in a higher power has gone from an enlightening, uniting life force to an excuse to gain power and control.  Mystery, wonderment, and joy has turned into semantics, judgement, and fear.  Most sadly of all, a personal belief that cannot be proven has become the only acceptable lifestyle for entire societies.  If you don’t adhere to this particular lifestyle, then you’re viewed as lesser.  You’re automatically not as respectable.  There are faiths who shun those who don’t believe the same as them.  There are those who kill or hurt others in the names of their gods, and they believe it’s what their gods want from them.  These are all based on personal interpretations that cannot be physically proven but only felt through conviction.  I think we’ll see a lot of growth as a society once we’re able to put these religious beliefs aside, and accept that there is still power in simply being a good person.  You don’t necessarily have to have a faith or spiritual belief system in place in order to live a good life and do good deeds (although it can help if you do).

There’s so much division in the world today.  So much hate.  So much power mongering.  Greed and lust have taken hold and wreaked havoc on mankind.  Despite our many technological and cultural advancements, we’ve witnessed some pretty dark times in the last few centuries – war, world hunger and deprivation, acts of terror, massive natural disasters, and more hate and division than we’ve ever seen.

But there’s good news!

Good-PersonA massive shift is taking place on our planet.  Humans are awakening and returning to their true purpose of love and kindness.  Vile people and organizations are being exposed for what they truly are, and people are getting to the point where they aren’t going to take anymore of this controlling and manipulating.  We are returning to our roots.  We are going inside ourselves and seeking the goodness that is within.  And it’s starting to show.

You can be a part of this shift, regardless of your religious or spiritual views.  You can be a light in the darkness, a smile that meets the frowns, a beacon of hope for the hopeless.  You can be (in fact, you innately are) a good person.  The fact that you exist proves it so.

The goal of this book is for it to be a simple guide on how to live life being a good person.  It will teach you how to be true to yourself, how to truly love others, and how to live a life filled with joy and happiness.  Because it doesn’t matter what God you believe in.  It doesn’t matter what church you do or don’t go to.  It doesn’t matter who you’ve been, or even who you think you are today.  All that matters is that you make the choice, a conscious effort every single day, to simply be a good person.

Preface:  Though not emphasizing a certain religion or belief system, this book will have a spiritual tone to it.  I believe that we are all spiritual beings and that science is starting to prove so.  The studies of metaphysics and particle physics are starting to reveal that much of what we once thought was science fiction is actually science fact.  I believe that a new awakening is happening in which people of this earth are starting to realize their spiritual nature.  The signs are all around us.  The time is coming where our perceptions will be raised and our hearts will be opened.  A vital part of surviving and thriving during this pivotal time in human existence is recognizing and acting upon this knowledge of your divine self.  Open yourself up to the wonders that this world has to offer.  Give it a listen and then give it a try.  The positive results can pop into your life almost immediately.  Once you examine and accept the truth of these practices, your life will be changed.

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