Oct 092017
Working through it.

Hey ya’ll. Yep, I’m still alive.  The blog lives. And yep, I just said ya’ll.  Because I guess I’m a southern girl now and that’s what they do. Life has been nothing short of overwhelming as I battle all the feels that come with post-partum depression, missing your friends and family, and being forced to […]

May 292016

Michael Franti’s new music video moved me so much, I wanna blog about it! First off, I love Franti.  I’ve been a fan for several years now.  His music always moves me.  He writes with a lot of love and compassion.  He seeks to heal the world through his music and positive message.  Some of […]

Apr 232016
It's not just about bathrooms...

This whole “bathroom bill” nonsense is killing me these days.  It’s getting me more fired up than I’ve been in a long time.  Because it’s all so ridiculous!! By having issues with transgender people using the restroom of their identified gender, you are in fact judging transgender people because you’re basically telling them that they […]

Nov 012015
Don't Postpone Joy

Don’t postpone joy. When we first moved to Asheville, I’d notice these bumper stickers all around town that said “Don’t postpone joy.”  They were very simple – white stickers with blue lettering.  Such a simple, yet profound thought. I later learned that these bumper stickers are the creation of Asheville’s late Laurey Masterton, a woman/author/entrepreneur […]

Sep 232015
Love is my political party

Ok, I just can’t handle it anymore. The idiocracy.  The ignorance.  The fear-mongering.  The hate. I use to be able to just brush it off, chalk it up to a simple disagreement and move on. But, I don’t know…something has gotten into me.  I’m all passionate and filled with an almost rage to speak my […]