May 022013
You Are Perfectly Okay

It’s been a bit stressful here at the Allen’s over the last week or so.  Lots of faith testing and soul searching.  Mostly, it is due to financial issues, my biggest weakness. Over the past year, I’ve been working a lot on releasing my financial fears.  I have always been obsessive over money.  Always.  I have […]

Apr 182013
How to Meditate

I wanted to write a basic “how-to” article on meditation. I’ve kept a steady practice of 15-30 minutes a day for the past few months, and it’s amazing how much better it makes me feel. Research is constantly being done about meditation. We’re learning how it changes the brain, reduces stress, and other health and […]

Feb 042013
Release Negative Patterns with a Daily Meditative Practice

When releasing negative behavior patterns, it is important to consciously take the time to let the negative go and create new, positive energy.  Just saying, “Yeah, I have negative self-talk” and then coming up with some sort of generic affirmation that you promise yourself you’ll repeat every single day isn’t quite enough.  Releasing the negative […]