Jul 102017
Good Person 101

Good Person 101 – How to Live, How to Love, How to be Happy An Introduction on the Basics of Being a Decent Human Being We’re in a time in our society and the evolution of the human race where everybody wants their say.  Everyone has an opinion and a view of how people should […]

May 042017
Public Display of Love

Ok, so just a fair warning – this is going to be a sappy love post about my husband.  I’ve just been so overwhelmed with all of the feels lately – so grateful for the love we have for each other and the partnership we share.  So if you’re ready for some mush, read on… […]

Jan 022017
New Year, New You, Yada Yada Yada

Happy New Year! I hope you and yours had a happy ending to 2016 and a beautiful start to 2017. New years are always filled with such hope and optimism.  Everyone likes to reflect on the past year and make intentions based on the changes and improvements they want to see in their lives.  Astrologically […]

Oct 262016
Embrace questions, but remember truths.

“I am a carrier of the light. All that I think, say, and do expresses Divinity.” “Divine order is at work in my life.” I haven’t been feeling very good about myself lately. I question the decisions I make and wonder if they are the right ones. Am I being most loving? Most Divine? What […]

Feb 142016

I heard this song on the radio while browsing through stations on my way to work one morning.  I caught it at the very beginning and dug the tune, so I let it play.  (Honestly, I thought it was a new Imagine Dragons track or something.)  As I listened to the lyrics, I recognized the […]

Nov 182015

I’ve been pondering a lot lately the idea of when to shut up versus when to speak your truth. There is a time and place for everything, and it’s a common idea to “pick your battles” so to speak. I struggle with this a lot in my writing. I feel that I am meant to […]

Oct 082015
Original beauty, not original sin

My husband Dustin and I had a really good talk last night. One that really got me thinking. We started talking about religion and Christianity – the idea of “original sin,” what Jesus really meant by the words he said, the idea of still following Jesus but not being a part of the Christian church, […]

Oct 032015
Less guns, more love.

I’m sitting here, almost speechless, not really knowing where to start.  My heart is so heavy. I work at a community college.  In fact, I sit at the front information desk of the student center, the main focal point of the whole campus.  I just sit out in the open, one of the first people […]

Jul 182015

So some of you may or may not know that my parents run a prison ministry called Revival in Prison Ministry.  My dad worked in the state prison system in Indiana for about 20 years, so he saw first hand the help and encouragement that was needed for these people who are locked up.  Despite […]

Jul 042015

Independence Day, the day we are supposed to celebrate our freedom from the binds of persecution, the freedom to go and do as we please in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Unless you want to marry someone of the same sex (up to a few days ago).  Or eat/smoke/drink of a natural plant […]