Soliloquy of the Soul – Services

Here at Soliloquy of the Soul, we offer a variety of services to help you connect with your soul, ground yourself, and be the best version of yourself you can be.

Life Coaching



We offer 60 and 90 minute massages by licensed massage therapist Dustin Allen (LMBT #14359) of King of Hearts Healing.  Relax, breathe, and allow Dustin to work away the stress that your body carries.  Massage can be a powerful healing tool, especially when done regularly.

60 min Massage and Body Work Session – $70

90 min Massage and Body Work Session – $80


Reiki is energy healing.  It is the “laying on of hands” that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritually well-being.  Reiki is composed of two Japanese words: “Rei” which means “God’s Wisdom” or “Higher Power” and “Ki” which means “life force energy”.  So Reiki is literally the channeling of Divine energy for healing purposes.  It is used to restore balance and clear away energy blocks.  When receiving reiki, the patient lies down while the Reiki practitioner places his or her hands upon or over various parts of the body, channeling reiki energy and becoming aware of any energetic blocks or other intuitive matters.  Many feel heat or pulsing coming from the practitioner’s hands throughout the session.

Come experience the healing powers of Reiki and receive a session by Reiki Master Dustin Allen.

30 min Reiki Treatment – $30

60 min Reiki Treatment – $50

60 min Reiki Treatment + Massage – $100

90 min Reiki Treatment + Massage – $120


Destiny Cards – $25

Destiny Cards is an ancient card system based off a typical 52-card playing deck.  Each day of the year has a card assigned to it and those born on that day have that card as their Birth Card.  Along with Birth Cards, you have certain cards that show up each year, 52-days, and daily.  These cards can be used to interpret and manage the world around you.  They can be used as a guidance system to see different aspects at play and conduct your life accordingly.  (It’s all very similar to astrology.)  This ancient system of mystical knowledge dates back to early Egypt, and its accuracy is pretty astounding.  Through my work with the cards over the last five years, I’ve seen numerous examples of the cards showing exactly what is going on in a person’s life.  What to find out more?  Request a reading.  They’re actually really fun!  Take it all with a grain of salt, but see if the Divine is trying to get a message through to you.  It can be pretty magical.

Readings include a detailed report of your birth card, including explanation of karma cards and planetary ruling cards, as well as a horoscope for the upcoming year, including descriptions of your yearly and 52-day cards.  If you like, include a message about yourself when you sign up for a session.  I can better intuitively read the cards if I know a little bit about you as cards can mean different things for different people depending on your current life situation.  For example, tell me about your home, family, and romantic life.  What do you do for a living?  What are your interests?  What are you hoping to get out of this reading?  Is there anything specific you want me to look for guidance on?

Angel Cards – $15 for a basic reading + $1/minute for a live reading

Angel cards are my favorite.  I view them as a way to get messages from the Divine – little pick me ups to let me know I’m on the right path, or correct me when I am not.  Angel cards are not tarot cards, and there is nothing foreboding about them.  The idea is that Spirit/God/The Universe/The Divine guides the cards that are drawn in order to give you just the right message at just the right moment.

A basic reading consists of an emailed report of 3-5 cards being drawn depending on what questions you have for the angels or the card spread you would like.  (Spreads contain different amounts and layouts of cards.)  You will receive explanations of each card and ways they could be interpreted in your life.  When registering for an Angel Card reading, you will be sent an email with an option of decks to choose from and spreads associated with each deck.  An Angel Card reading is deeply personal and synchronistic.  YOU have a hand in selecting exactly what it is the Divine wants you to know.  Additional information will be provided in the initial email as well, before a reading is scheduled.

Live readings are available via phone or Skype/FaceTime.  We’ll draw cards and discuss their meanings and applications to your life.  These can be really fun and quite powerful!  I’m blessed with the intuitive gift of being able to see connections between the cards and your life.

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