Apr 232016

http://bimagazine.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/bathroom-bill.jpgThis whole “bathroom bill” nonsense is killing me these days.  It’s getting me more fired up than I’ve been in a long time.  Because it’s all so ridiculous!!

By having issues with transgender people using the restroom of their identified gender, you are in fact judging transgender people because you’re basically telling them that they aren’t real and that they don’t deserve real rights.  You have no idea why a man would want to be a woman or why a woman would want to be a man, and you think your god tells you that it’s wrong.

By saying you’re opposed to it due to the safety of women and children, you don’t understand the real issue we’re dealing with here.  Allowing transgender people to use the restroom they choose will not “open the door to predators.”  Those that are sick enough to attack others in public restrooms aren’t going to follow any laws that are in place.  Saying their gender isn’t allowed won’t stop them from going into whatever restroom they want.  This is pretty evident by the simple fact that as long as sexual predators have existed, women, children, and men have been attacked and assaulted in public restrooms.  (In fact, there’s a significant number of Republican politicians who have been arrested for sexual acts in public restrooms.)  This viewpoint pushed by conservative media is nothing but fear-mongering.  Does it make sense?  Sure.  No, we don’t want to give sexual predators permission to do whatever they want.  But allowing transgender people to use the restroom of their identified gender isn’t going to give them that permission.  They’re sick enough that they’ll find a way in to do harm no matter what.

Also, under this new law in NC (the one that requires you to go into the restroom of your biological sex), once a child is 7 years old, they are required to go into their gender-specific restroom regardless of whether or not a gender-similar parent is there to escort them.  Talk about opening the door to sexual predators…

It’s all just a mess.  Transgender people have been using the restrooms of their choices for years without anyone realizing it.  If someone looks like a woman, she goes into the ladies room.  If someone looks like a man, he goes into the men’s room.  It’s caused zero problems and wasn’t even an issue until the NC Governor made it one.
Another thing to note is the fact that this law is simply unenforceable, which is why, even though it sucks, I’m not too worried about it if it doesn’t get repealed.  What are they going to do – have someone there to check people’s genitals as they enter the restroom?  Why not just have a security guard in place in every state restroom?  Then whoever needs to come in and pee can do so safely.  Due to the unenforceable nature of this asinine law, I hope the transgender community just keeps doing what they’re doing, using the restrooms they choose.  Because if you have a transwoman walking into the men’s restroom at a NC rest stop filled with southern, ignorant, homophobic, racist crazies, I guarantee the number of hate crimes against the transgender community will increase immensely.  That’s what my heart fears with this law.

So NC transgenders, just keep doing what you’re doing.  This mess will all fade away once the masses have something else to attract their attention on social media.  You know who you are deep down.  You be that person and don’t worry about anyone telling you it’s wrong.  I, for one, love the hell out of you.

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